NL Media Camp Year 3


This camp is dedicated to helping athletes who want to play at the college or university level. It is a platform to help them get the exposure they are currently lacking, by bringing in coaches to come and watch them during the 3 days. The end goal is to hopefully receive a tryout or scholarship from one of the coaches in attendance to go to their school. 

*NOT for athletes who are not SERIOUS about playing at the NEXT LEVEL!*


Camp Date:

April 27-28th & May 5th (Exposure Game)


Heritage College (325 Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes, Gatineau, QC J8Y 6T3)

Ages: 16-19

*20 players maximum*

Cost: $260 + HST = $299.45

What you receive:

  • Training from ex-university & professional players 

  • Feedback on what to improve

  • Reversible jersey & shorts

  • Highlight Tape

  • Subway Lunch "Footlong options" ( 2 days )

  • Headshot photo & pictures

  • College & University Coaches present to watch 


Registration Link:

Camp Highlights

Year 1: 3 coaches present
Year 2: 6 coaches present
Year 3: 18+ coaches have confirmed attendance

Year 1: 3 players ( recruited )
Year 2: 2 players ( recruited )
Year 3: ???

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